Painting Luke's Gospel


About the project

The Painting Luke’s Gospel project, based in St George’s Tron church in Glasgow, has produced 24 paintings, each one linking a chapter of Luke’s Gospel with life in the city. Every canvas was painted in situ at St George’s Tron by artist I.D. Campbell. Completed paintings are displayed throughout the church and the Wild Olive Tree Cafe, giving an outstanding gallery experience.

The Paintings

All 24 completed canvases are shown here.

This website contains a number of free resources that encourage engagement with the paintings and the Biblical text. Click on a painting to access a high resolution image of each canvas, a video telling the story of the painting, a gallery handout from the original exhibition, the Bible passage on which the painting is based, plus a Bible study encouraging reflection on the themes in each painting.

The Artist

Iain Campbell is a Glasgow based painter. The 24 canvases were produced over a 3-year period when Iain was Artist-in Residence at St. George’s Tron Church of Scotland. 

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The Portrait Gospel

The Gospel of Luke uniquely illustrated by Iain Campbell

The Portrait Gospel is uniquely illustrated by Iain Campbell. By using modern day Glaswegians as his models, Iain’s compelling paintings bring 21st century life to the words of a first century disciple.

Copies of The Portrait Gospel are available to buy in person from St George’s Tron Church, Glasgow.

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